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“I have ideas but I find the trees have better ones. I do my best to preserve the beauty and usefulness that the trees have perfected. I hopefully can capture the essence therein making something truly wonderful. And as we experience and interact with these expressions, in perfect union with function, we can add value to our lives that is immeasurable”


Frederick Michael Bayne was born in 1973 in east central Indiana. He is a self taught maker /designer creating limited edition and one of a kind pieces. The studio was established in Martinsville Indiana in 2009. Every aspect of the work from log processing to final photographs of pieces occurs on site. Upon studying business at Indiana University the forests of southern Indiana captured not only his imagination but his physical self. The confluence of the artists of southern Indiana, the deep forests, and a relentless desire to create; a commitment to his craft began in earnest. FM Bayne’s artistic process seeks a perfect union between desired forms and expression of the life force within each tree or piece of wood. Believing when properly realized, the furniture radiates life. This philosophy readily recognizes the superior quality of the hardwood that grows in southern Indiana. Simply put; Indiana Hardwood is of the finest the earth has to offer. Reverence for the material and a fascination with the myriad of shapes begins an intimate exchange between maker and material. His unwillingness to compromise; worldly needs or the expressions within the tree, add in fearless experimentation……that’s what he’s up to, that and taking care of his girls!